Sunday, November 23, 2008

theory of words

Theory of Words
1)syllables are finite
2)Numberofsyllables in words are finite
3)Therefore words are finite
4)The mass of words can be classified to a lesser number finite classes on the basis of
of charectoristics of syllables of vowels and consonants
5)Dictionary is an example of classificaton of words on the basis of alphabet
6)words can be classifed on the basis of Number,Distinct sets,and position of syllables
number of syllables,number of vowels, number of consonants
a at art
1 2 3
(1) (1,1) (1,2)
at cat clap
1 2 3
3)distinct sets and distance between syllables
art cart part (rt)
rate root tour tar
7)syllables are nucleotides and aminoacids of words
8)sets of charectoristic syllables are seeds of words
9)seeds of words germinate to generate roots and foliages of words
10)meanings are the flowers of words
11)meanings flower to give seeds of ideas which are sets ofsyllables transmitting the
the charectoristics inital sets

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Clssic Language

Clssic Language
Classic -Class of the Sick
Classic- Callous and Sick
Classic language-a fake
Close that chapter now -Quick
Malayalam need not be a classic language on the line of Telugu, kannada
Tamil and sanskrit. It should be a language of Future -Language of Knowledge